Hydrogen Motor

The Hydrogen-Powered VAD.HO (2007)

The Italian designer Giugiaro is no stranger to hydrogen. It is not unknown at BMW, since there is a half years he had made the cut for the Nazca Bavarian manufacturer (superb sports cars V12). That is what we knew at the presentation of the car, and we thought because we knew that the concept that would reveal the result of a partnership with BMW. But while the auto was still under a cover, we saw how dire. An anomaly--->more

The Hydrogen-Powered VAD.HO


The Hydrogen-Powered VAD.HO
Engine/Motor 6 litre V-12
Power output --
Torque --
0-100 km --
Top speed --
Range --




BMW Hydrogen 7 (2007)

I do not remember going to an auto show in Germany without seeing a prototype BMW hydrogen. For more than 30 years to work on hydrogen at the Munich manufacturer, and whenever I asked the question (and I asked each time), I responded that soon, cars would be available to customers. But over the past 3 years, I had felt that things accelerated, and I think it was in 2004 that told me that there would be a hydrogen version of the current generation of Round 7. BMW had previously made a model of Mini hydrogen, but progress usually comes from the top, and the series is rightly on the basis of a BMW 760 Li is gone. Although, let it now, it is very small series, because so far, only the production of 100 cars had been decided. First delivery in April 2007, availability in Munich, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles and. Where there are hydrogen stations, or anywhere in France (!) Add also that BMW Hydrogen 7 will be sold, since cars are only available through leasing, the same rate that a BMW 760 Li with a comprehensive maintenance contract--->more

Hydrogen 7

Hydrogen 7
Engine/Motor 6 litre V-12 motor as does the 760i and 760Li
Power output 191kw
260 hp
Torque 390 Nm
0-100 km 9,2 sec
Top speed 168 km/h
104 mph
Range 425 miles (125 miles h2,125 miles in hydrogen mode, over 300 miles in gasoline mode



BMW H2R "Hydrogen Record Car" (2004)

In the early days of automobiles, the race to speed passionate crowds. Inevitably, when the standard was the galloping horse, a car can move 2 or 3 times faster was feeling. But it was the nineteenth century. In 1899 already, a car crossed the threshold of 100 km / h (an electric car, Jamais Contente the hands of Belgian Camille Jenatzy). Barely 10 years later, the french Victor Héméry passed the milestone of 200 km / h, and a generation later, the British Malcolm Campbell was travelling at over 400 kph, was in 1932. But since then, the land speed records have lost their appeal. --->more


Engine/Motor 6.0-liter V-12
Power output 285 hp
210 kW
Torque --
0-100 km 6 sec
Top speed 302.4 km / h
Range -- km
-- miles




BMW 750hl (2002)

BMW 750hl The current 7 Series's available on two different platforms: the standard-wheelbase E65 (2990 mm, 118 in) and the extended-wheelbase E66 (3130 mm, 123 in).

The E65-E66 7 Series features BMW's first of a kind iDrive system, consisting of a video screen in the dashboard and a controller mounted on the center console that is used in a similar way to a computer mouse. Using a system of eight menus, most of the car's climate, audio, navigation, suspension and communication settings are controlled via iDrive.The system has been criticized by many automotive writers as being too complex and not intuitive enough. --->more



BMW 745h Concept Car (2001)

745h Concept

BMW is sixth generation hydrogen concept car, used for testing and educational purposes, uses the current 7 Series as its basis. Like it's predecessors, the 745h has two fuel tanks one for gasoline, one for liquid hydrogen. When fueled by hydrogen, its 4.4-liter V-8 generates 182 horsepower, which helps it reach 62 mph in 9.9 seconds, and a top speed of 134 mph. --->more