Hydrogen Motor


BMW H2R "Hydrogen Record Car" (2007)

Hydrogen as an energy source is the future, to have the car manufacturers agree. BMW verfeuert the volatile element preferably in conventional gasoline engines. Now, the Munich same nine world records for a car with this technique. According to the automobile manufacturers, is the hydrogen age anymore. The vast majority plan, the hydrogen in a fuel cell into electrical energy to convert, so as to power electric motors.
In order to prove that the sporting clientele by BMW in this regard must not fear, caused the blue-white engineers now on the race course south of France Miramas a special vehicle from the stack, with a hydrogen internal combustion engine at record went hunting.The spoils of full-Halali: nine world records in the narrow category of vehicles with hydrogen internal combustion engine.Development Board showed Burkhard Göschel accordingly euphoric: "Nine Records as the starting gun for the hydrogen age. The BMW technology is well advanced, now we need to work together with the policies and the energy industry to champion our vision of sustainable mobility into reality."
The BMW H2R, it is the record car, is equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine with six liters engine capacity equipped and provides more than 285 hp (210 kW). That's enough for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in approximately six seconds and a top speed of 302.4 km / h. At the wheel of explosive racing car sat the BMW factory driver Alfred Hilger, Joerg Weidinger and Günther Weber.


Spurred by these and other Best Values (record for one kilometer with a flying start, one miles with a flying start, ten miles with a standing start, etc.) is planning BMW, during the production time of the current model 7, a serial car with bivalentem drive, so a Auto, which is supported by both gasoline and hydrogen drive