The Honda FCX Clarity lease in Japan: hydrogen all!

Remember: Honda has started commercial production in limited edition of its FCX Clarity with hydrogen (sedan 4 places) in June 2008 at Honda Automobile New Model Center (see article).

In July 2008 the United States, the Japanese manufacturer has given the green light to its location: it announced that Annette Ballester and Ron Yerxa were the first customers in the world having taken delivery of the FCX Clarity at the Honda dealership in Santa Monica, one of the three concessions in Southern California (USA), which are part of the first network concessions vehicles with fuel cell (see article).

Honda FCX Clarity

After the United States, the self Comes to ecological Japan! Honda started today its location in the land of the rising sun: a first copy was given to the Ministry of Environment of Japan.

Small reminder: the Honda FCX Clarity has a fuel cell with hydrogen which makes V Flow of water vapor (technical characteristics: 134 hp, 256 Nm, 4 kg tank of hydrogen, autonomy of 435 km and top speed of 160 km/h). 200 FCX Clarity will be offered in long-term lease to individuals, departments and enterprises from 2008 to 2011 in the United States and Japan. The price: $ 600 per month over three years (see article). It is the first series of car running on hydrogen.

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Honda FC Sport: Hydrogen Athletes

Honda fuel cell technology combined again with a sports outfit. At the LA Auto Show to show the Japanese FC sport a sporty three-seater with the technology of the FCX Clarity.
FCX Clarity
The Honda FC Sports should be an environmentally friendly, but powerful drive, with a lightweight chassis and a sporty driving dynamics combine.

The fuel cell FC sits between the rear seats, the electric motor in front of the rear axle and the batteries in the central subsoil. The hydrogen tanks for the place visible from outside their place on the rear axle. The compact groups will be summarized drive for a deep focus and also provide space for a spacious interior create.

Here the driver sits front center, behind the passenger’s side. Approach grant upwards pivoting doors.

The ultra-thin line of FC sports, mostly from organic materials was created in the Honda design center in North America under the leadership of Jason Wilbur.

To duck the FC forward with its ultra-deep overhang on the road. Large ventilation channels appear seemingly einzusaugen the asphalt. Together with the headlamps take the form of the Honda logo on.

FCX Clarity

FCX Clarity

The far-faceted glass front moves up through the roof into the long tail expiring. Among them is a diffuser wide, as the central locking wheels and the powerful disc brakes sporting claim of FC should emphasize sports.

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DWV looking for the best young scientists from the area of hydrogen and fuel cells

Also for the year 2008 the awards back to the DWV Innovation Award Hydrogen and Fuel Cell to young scientists. The now-established tradition has become an annual award goes to the best Diplom-/Masterarbeit from Germany or dissertation on the subject of energy or hydrogen fuel cells, together with all ancillary areas.

It is the high level of competition, which is in the applications and the excellent work of recent years establish, in any case be kept. John Toepler, chairman of the DWV said:

“Not only the excellent work of recent years, but the other candidates are evidence of a very intensive and successful work at German universities in this field is done. That is the basis that the average consumer will one day also affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly products can buy. “

The exact conditions of participation can be found on our website (left column under the Innovation Award), or we will send them to you on request. The choice among the candidates takes place in early 2009 by a jury of university teachers from the ranks of the association. The handover of prices, coupled with presentations of the prizewinners, is part of the monitoring program of the next Ordinary Meeting of DWV on 12 May 2009 in Wolfsburg.


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What is tuned to alternative car drives?

On 6 and 7 November VDI organized together with VW’s session “Innovative vehicle drives” in Dresden. This was about hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells and electric cars. And what came out? When the slogan “plate instead of tank” the flowers dreams of politicians from bio-based fuels wiped off the table, they were quickly two other alternatives at hand, namely hydrogen fuel cells and “of course!” The electric car.

Moreover, the German automotive industry – again, naturally! – The hybrid sleepy, and only Toyota had the ancient idea again to promote daylight. In Dresden brought the speakers all the wonderful ideas of a bright, emission-free car again in the future reality.

That the hybrid drive, combining a combustion engine with an electric drive, in the metropolitan traffic and on short routes and save fuel liquid against electric can enter, we will be known. However, its price, which, although large and expensive cars can be reasonably accommodated, but hardly inexpensive small. It is the savings effect is relatively modest, if not deep into the tricks draw wants. On long-haul, on the other hand, it is indispensable to the combustion engine,
the consumption behavior determined.

The talks in Dresden showed what we could do everything to the electrical part to integrate into the car. Meanwhile, Mercedes presented its first “mild” hybrid in the S 400, which next spring will be offered. Despite the restriction on a minimum of additional parts and a small lithium-ion battery, the electric drive is not allowed, the extra weight is 75 kg. Nevertheless, the reduction in consumption in the NEDC to 7.9 l/100 km for a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine considerably and represents the engineers made an excellent witness.
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Los Angeles Auto Show 2008: Kia Borrego FCEV concept

Vehicles with a fuel cell with hydrogen are the stars of green Motorshows worldwide. In the United States, the Los Angeles Auto Show is no exception: the manufacturer Kia will introduce its Kia Borrego FCEV (for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). The American auto event will take place from 21 to 30 November 2008 (website:

Kia Borrego FCEV
The green SUV concept based on a model Borrego, has a fuel cell developed by the 4th generation Hyundai-Kia (154 hp, 115 kW) and a new battery Lithium-Ion Polymer. He then enjoys an autonomy of 820 km (510 miles) and can start in temperatures of -30o C. Not bad! As part of its testing program, Kia will put on the roads in 2010 a fleet of Kia Borrego FCEV. Clarification: California is developing a network of hydrogen fueling (see article).

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