Fuel Cell bicycle (Hydrogen bicycle)


Iwatani International Corporation, the Fuel Cell Expo “FC EXPO 2010″ (2010, March 03 ~ 5 held today, the Tokyo Big Sight), and to exhibit a fuel cell-assisted bicycles in Kansai International Airport during the trial (Figure 1). 60W output solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell grade (PEFC) in assisted bicycle wheel mounted on the upper back of the system and lithium power source for motor assist (Li)-ion secondary battery (capacity 26V -4Ah) ride while charging in the PEFC. Hydrogen fuel and hydrogen-filled cartridge. Hydrogen to fill the cartridge, Li-ion range in full charge when the battery is about 45km (however, vary depending on driving conditions) it. PEFC power generation is possible time is about three hours.

PEFC to configure the system, the hydrogen cartridge, insert a cartridge coupler of hydrogen, hydrogen extracted from the vacuum regulator to the hydrogen cartridge, PEFC, PEFC air blower to send, DC-DC (direct current – DC) converter (Figure 2 4). Cartridge system intended for storage of hydrogen using a hydrogen-hydrogen-absorbing alloy, the amount of content 0.25L, 1 corresponds to 7g in 80L pressure that can store hydrogen. Hydrogen-absorbing alloy titanium – zirconium in the same cartridge that is it equipped with 750g.

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