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Battery or fuel cell – with this issue is currently VW. Also from Italy and China, there is news about hybrid and electric cars.

Hydrogen Energy Horizon

- Short confusion in electric car at Volkswagen. A VW-researcher was at a meeting with the saying: “We realized that the battery for long in the pure electric car is not enough.” Will be recommended as a fuel cell Reichweitenverlängerer. VW chief researcher Prof. Juergen Leohold clarifies now: On short-VW sees the e-car front, the path is longer, as in golf is a TwinDrive Nitro take over. Earliest after 2020 could, if appropriate infrastructure for fuel cells because of better energy density range for an acceptable guarantee.
- Three years worked meticulously the Italian machinery manufacturers Tazzari to an e-Mobil. Now is the Tazzari Zero (photo) completed a 542-kilogram Leichtmobil with lithium-ion battery and 150 km range. The Zero is up to 90 km/h fast and a three-phase socket in 45 minutes to be loaded. At the household outlet there should be a few hours. The price of Zero is still a mystery.
- The Chinese carmaker Geely plans to the London taxis to electrify. Geely is already co-owner of the black cabs “and in the home developed their own plug-in hybrid and electric cars.

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H2Origin: The fuel cell Peugeot already rolling

If virtually all manufacturers had their own model as a concept car at the Salon, much less of them had enough to show that it really works. Hence the idea of Peugeot, who invites us to carry out an exercise to practice putting their fuel cell vehicle. Come to the study center super secret for a few kilometers Poissy test, along with Marc Audiot, project manager of the vehicle CAP, that will perhaps will be the chain driving cars in 2015!

Peugeot H2Origin

Peugeot H2Origin

GENEPAC baptized by PSA, the fuel cell under the direction of Jean-Pierre Lisse and Olivier Salvat, is, like many developments at Peugeot-Citroen, practical and applicable in reality. Here it is not a stroke of marketing the Prius, but a concept offering a real alternative to fossil fuels. Choose hydrogen as an energy carrier, GENEPAC is a type of “range extender”, similar to the Chevrolet Volt.

A vehicle H2Origin a fuel cell of 20 kW is coupled to a battery pack capable of providing 15 kWh. So when the batteries are empty, the fuel cell, fueled by 4 kg of compressed hydrogen at 700 bars in a tank carbon composite, which recharges the batteries, allowing the H2Origin to continue its journey. And how it behaves there?

This is well led and much better than the improved golf carts that some have described as electric cars at the Salon! The engine produces 20 kW ample enough to bring the couple together at speed on small roads Yvelines. Well, it only remains to find a factor of 10 in terms of production costs PAC system and establish a network of hydrogen stations. Pending this, what would you have a small engine to replace the fuel cell story unblock the same as Chevrolet? Follow my gaze.

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Ronn Motors’ Scorpion™ and H2GO™ Steals the Show [SEMA]

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is not only the appointment of U.S. specialists tuning, but also of smaller artisans who want to show the world their latest achievements. Among these last, there Ronn Motor Company, came to Las Vegas with the Scorpion.

Scorpion gets 40 miles to per gallon (5.88 liters/100 km) and have a top speed of 200 mph (320 km/h).

Ronn Motors Scorpion Fuel cell Hybrid

The Scorpion is looming as a powerful roadster design, with 1000 kg on the balance through the use of carbon fiber for its body, dressing a chassis tubular chrome-molybdenum. But this is not what is its main attraction. Indeed, the 3.5 Honda V6, developing 450 hp here with two turbos, is powered by a mixture consisting of hydrogen and gasoline, up from 30 to 50%, which itself is manufactured directly on board vehicle.



Ronn Motor Company has indeed main business is the sale of H2GO. This system produces hydrogen on board the vehicle carrying the electrolysis of water. A lot of water, and poof! That consumption greatly improved car: 40 mpg, or 5.88 l/100 km. However we have no details about the energy efficiency of the operation, but Ronn Motor expects to sell its system to other companies, including fleet managers, and proposes $ 999 with room.

The price of the Scorpion is different because it will cost you $ 150,000 for the standard model, which you can add an additional $ 100,000 to bring the power of 600 hp V6..

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