Los Angeles Auto Show 2008: Kia Borrego FCEV concept

Vehicles with a fuel cell with hydrogen are the stars of green Motorshows worldwide. In the United States, the Los Angeles Auto Show is no exception: the manufacturer Kia will introduce its Kia Borrego FCEV (for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). The American auto event will take place from 21 to 30 November 2008 (website: www.laautoshow.com).

Kia Borrego FCEV
The green SUV concept based on a model Borrego, has a fuel cell developed by the 4th generation Hyundai-Kia (154 hp, 115 kW) and a new battery Lithium-Ion Polymer. He then enjoys an autonomy of 820 km (510 miles) and can start in temperatures of -30o C. Not bad! As part of its testing program, Kia will put on the roads in 2010 a fleet of Kia Borrego FCEV. Clarification: California is developing a network of hydrogen fueling (see article).

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An electric quadricycle the Italian Ducati Energia Free the Duck

Small electric quadricycles have not finished surprising us! The Italian Ducati Energia, which specializes in electronic components, has launched an electric quadricycle called Free Duck. It is equipped with two engines 2 kW placed in its rear wheels and 8 lead batteries (12V – 42Ah). It then displays a range of 50 km. Its peak speed is 45 km/h. It can carry up to 200 kg of goods.
Free Duck
The Ducati Energia Free Duck is also available in hybrid version rechargeable: it then has a heat engine that takes over when the batteries are discharged: it enjoys an autonomy up to 200 km. It was built in Bologna (Italy) and was introduced into the Italian market. Its price 6 000 euros HT for the electric model and 7 000 HT for that hybrid. Ducati Energia has not yet specified if ecological landing gear that one day in France. Thus Listmania!

Free Duck

Free Duck

Clarification: the structure of the Free Duck is also compatible with future developments relating to the use of alternative fuels (natural gas, LPG, methane) or with the use of new technologies such as fuel cell with hydrogen.

(Photo Source: DUCATI Energia, AVEM)

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The first hydrogen station in the Czech Republic in 2009

Europe wants to support hydrogen technologies to reduce dependence on oil (see article): manufacturers are developing vehicles powered by hydrogen and infrastructure must be deployed in parallel (a network of refueling stations hydrogen).

Czech Republic
Well good news: the Linde Gas Group (a subsidiary of Linde AG specializes in industrial gases) and the Institute of Nuclear Research Rez (IRN, located near Prague) will use the first hydrogen station in the Czech Republic on ‘D8 motorway near Klicany (north of Prague) from 2009. Linde Gas will be responsible for the construction and supply of hydrogen.

Clarification: The IRN manages and funds a project of hydrogen buses in collaboration with the Czech Ministry of Transport and the European Union (estimated cost of 83 million Czech crowns (about 3.4 million euros). A the first vehicle, manufactured by Skoda Electric, Neratovice will be operational in the coming months.

The highway of hydrogen little man made his way!

(Source: Embassy of France in the Czech Republic Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic)

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Hymer with fuel cell


By Jan Kretz Man With the motorhome for weeks in the wild and are still unable to electrical forgo comfort on board – a fuel cell makes it possible. The EFOY cell ( “Energy For You”) of the firm SFC replaces the conventional gasoline or diesel generator in camping vans. Fuel serves as methanol, an alcohol, the increasingly from renewable raw materials such as biomass or waste can be won. The fuel cell works in a similar attempt in a drive vehicles used hydrogen cells by oxygen intake arises from a “cold combustion” in the electricity out of the board of Battery A mobile camper feeds. The trick: The cell works also completely silent and emission-free, as the only “exhaust” is only a little water vapor, which led to the outside.

The manufacturer SFC offers for travel mobile fuel cells in four different power levels – depending on the size of the vehicle and power. Heating, lighting, music system – even for large appliances such as electric hair dryer’s power is sufficient. A “tank” with ten liters of methanol supply the motorhome up to four weeks with electricity. The methanol cartridges can have a Europe-wide network of existing dealers may be paid. The handy EFOY cells only weigh about seven kilograms and with a bit of skill can even be installed and connected.

The fuel cell in the suitcase format (left) is associated with methanol tank (right) in the space of the motorhome installed

Prices vary depending on the power between approximately 1900 to 3800 euros. Installed as standard are the mini-power plants already in some manufacturer’s Wohmobilen Rapido SAS, in the Hymer S-Class “is the fuel cell as an optional accessory.

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The GM, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles debuted in Japan

“Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid” (left) and “Chevrolet Equinox”

General Motors Asia Pacific 2008 Japan on November 10 full-size hybrid SUV “hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe,” fuel-cell car “Chevrolet Equinox” open to the press. Environment and Energy for its efforts to explain the purpose of the two vehicles will be sold both in Japan.

Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid in the United States was released in 2007. U.S. General Motors (GM) and Germany’s DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany’s BMW co-developed “2 MODOHAIBURIDDOSHISUTEMU” drive. The origin of the name, for low-speed driving and high speed for the two modes are prepared.

Toyota “Prius”, such as single-mode hybrid vehicle, the engine and motor power output to match it to be significant, the motor vehicle exhaust and a large amount of. The two-mode hybrid for a high-speed mode to reduce the burden of the motor, the amount of exhaust of motor vehicles used in a compact, lightweight and compact system can have an advantage.

Mercedes-Benz’s midsize SUV “ML 450 HYBRID” with a two-mode hybrid, will be released in 2009. The 2008 Detroit show, BMW also equipped with the system of mid-size SUV based on “concept X6 ActiveHybrid” with displays will be put into practical use during 2009, he said. Models look at the two-mode hybrid midsize car to a heavy weight in the car suitable for large-scale systems.

Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid. The total length of the body size of 2007 x Overall width: 5130 x height 1955mm, vehicle weight 2647kg (4WD vehicles), full-size SUV

The engine room. In front of the orange parts have cable Power Control Unit

6L V8 engine, a smaller load suspended when the four-cylinder mode, and features a V4

MODOHAIBURIDDOSHISUTEMU of GM. Inside the transmission, two electric motors with built-in structure. 50 km/h zone to slow the engine running without a motor can only

Fuel-cell vehicles, “Chevrolet Equinox”

Fuel cell vehicles, “Equinox Chevrolet,” the United States and Germany in 2007, China and South Korea in the market test, and in fact already more than 100 vehicles running on public roads are common. Front-mounted fuel cell units, the highest output of motor 73kW, the maximum torque 320Nm. Filling of hydrogen in less than five minutes to complete, a tank of gas (hydrogen 4.2kg) can run at 320km. Has a maximum speed of 160km.

Fuel cell vehicles is Low start-up for the weakness, starting in sub-zero temperatures are possible. In addition to the fuel cell equipped with nickel-metal hydride batteries, regenerative braking during deceleration in the recovery of energy. GM in 2010 to compete with the internal combustion engine technology and fuel cells, and as a goal for the future, fuel cell vehicles to 1 million units sold in the world to achieve the first goal, it said.

The venue is announced, GM fuel-cell unit to supply the fuel cell vehicle Suzuki, “SX4-FCV” were also on display.

Equinox Chevrolet to the front, not the engine is equipped with fuel-cell unit

The mouth of the hydrogen charge. Filling in less than a full five minutes to complete

Meter panel of the cockpit, instead of the tachometer indicating the motor output meter placement

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