An electric quadricycle the Italian Ducati Energia Free the Duck


Small electric quadricycles have not finished surprising us! The Italian Ducati Energia, which specializes in electronic components, has launched an electric quadricycle called Free Duck. It is equipped with two engines 2 kW placed in its rear wheels and 8 lead batteries (12V – 42Ah). It then displays a range of 50 km. Its peak speed is 45 km/h. It can carry up to 200 kg of goods.
Free Duck
The Ducati Energia Free Duck is also available in hybrid version rechargeable: it then has a heat engine that takes over when the batteries are discharged: it enjoys an autonomy up to 200 km. It was built in Bologna (Italy) and was introduced into the Italian market. Its price 6 000 euros HT for the electric model and 7 000 HT for that hybrid. Ducati Energia has not yet specified if ecological landing gear that one day in France. Thus Listmania!

Free Duck

Free Duck

Clarification: the structure of the Free Duck is also compatible with future developments relating to the use of alternative fuels (natural gas, LPG, methane) or with the use of new technologies such as fuel cell with hydrogen.

(Photo Source: DUCATI Energia, AVEM)

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  1. egisto mantovani October 31, 2009 4:06 pm

    i’d like deep knowledge tks

  2. green December 27, 2009 7:43 pm

    I like somthing like that, please bring it soon up to the netherlands and belgium.

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