It left the program for Hydrogen Energy Horizon!

Here’s another good news for hydrogen technologies: the European Commission has approved funding in late 2007 by OSEO (French Agency for supporting innovation, 67.6 million euros) for the program of Innovation Horizon Hydrogen Energy (H2E in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell) coordinated by the French group Air Liquide (specializing in industrial gases).

Hydrogen Energy Horizon

The H2E program represents an overall investment in research and technology of about 200 million euros over a period of 7 years. It is intended to build a hydrogen energy-sustainable and competitive. The research and development activities cover the following areas: development of innovative technologies for hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, hydrogen storage and the industrialization of fuel cells and the establishment of a appropriate regulatory framework, a program of demonstrations and education to familiarize a wider audience with this new clean energy carrier.

20 partners in the field of hydrogen energy (industrial groups, SMEs and public research laboratories French) are associated with this program on Air Liquide.

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European industrialists to invest in fuel cells and hydrogen

Vehicles with a fuel cell the hydrogen do not pollute when they’re riding. Many prototypes are currently under development and expected their mass marketing by 2020. In May 2008, the Council of Ministers adopted a regulation establishing the joint venture “fuel cells and hydrogen, following six years of work involving the main players in the sector and the European Commission to” develop a new type of public-private partnership that is the joint technolog.

In October 2008, the European Union and European manufacturers have announced their plans to make fuel cells and hydrogen one of the new technologies in the strategic energy sector. The European Commission, industry (60 private companies: multinationals, SMEs), and those of European research (universities, research centers), as this public-private invest about one billion euros in research, technological development and demonstration over a period of six years.

The objectives: investing in such a scientific research project focuses on results; accelerate the development of technologies and advance their marketing in Europe (between 2010 and 2020); implement an integrated and effective basic and applied research to technological development and demonstration activities and support, focused on the most innovative applications; reduce from 2 to 5 years the time required for sale; develop by 2020 a mass market for these technologies and ensuring Europe a head of green in this race.

The first call for proposals, with a budget of 28.1 million euros, the production, storage and distribution as well as hydrogen refueling infrastructure and transport. A steering committee will lead the legal entity, the joint venture “fuel cells and hydrogen”: the management and daily operation missions will be in charge of an Executive Director supported by the Program Office based in Brussels. A scientific committee will advise the Steering Committee. Member States will follow closely the activities through the group of states. The general meeting of stakeholders will be held annually.

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A hydrogen car comes out in Europe: Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

The Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE, with a rotary engine operating through with gasoline or of the hydrogen, now circulating on the roads in Norway. The manufacturer Mazda and joins the project “Hydrogen Road of Norway (HyNor) to implement a transportation infrastructure based on hydrogen technologies. The objective is that this vehicle is validated on the road in Europe after having evolved in Japan.

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Following this validation, the project HyNor will host 30 other copies of the leases will be concluded. Mazda will also study the data collected in the development of its zero-emission vehicles. Hydrogen is spawning a path not far from home: Good news!

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The prototype GM HydroGen4? 320 km of autonomy

The U.S. manufacturer General Motors exhibited at World prototype green technologies and green propulsion to illustrate his vision of future mobility. Here is the GM HydroGen4 the 4th generation vehicle with a fuel cell with hydrogen.

GM HydroGen4

GM HydroGen4

According to GM, the HydroGen4 is more dynamic and functional compared to previous models: its propulsion system was optimized in particular. Its fuel cell is made up of 440 cells connected in series. The whole system allows a power of 93 kW and feeds a synchronous electric motor of 73 kW/100 hp. The acceleration? The 0-100 km / h in 12 seconds. Its autonomy is 320 km. GM HydroGen4 has a storage system consists of 3 tanks at high pressure of 700 bars made of carbon fiber they contain 4.2 kg of hydrogen. This alternative has the future ahead of it!

GM HydroGen4

GM HydroGen4

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What is the most eco-technology?

In addition, Toyota’s fuel cell hybrid car “FCHV-adv” and hybrid vehicles, “the Lexus LS600h”, Nissan’s fuel cell vehicle “X-TRAIL FCV” and, “X-TRAIL 20GT clean diesel”, Honda “CIVIC Hybrid” has been on display.
Other major sources of the vehicle’s exhibition of the following:

Name Maker Energy Output Charging time Range Commercial
FCHV-adv Toyota Motor Hydrogen fuel cells + motors 90kW 830km 830.000$ per month lease
HV plug-in Prius Toyota Motor Motor gasoline engine + 56kW (engine) +50 kW (motor) 200V for about 1 ~ 1.5H EV 13km run At the end of 2009, the U.S. and Europe for lithium-ion powered model will be introduced in limited fleet users
Lexus LS600h Toyota Motor Motor gasoline engine + 290kW (engine) +165 kW (motor) 1024.8km 96.000$ in the market
X-TRAIL FCV Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Hydrogen fuel cells + motors 90kW (motor) 500km 830.000$ per month lease
Clean diesel X-TRAIL 20GT (MT) Nissan Motor Co.

diesel engine

127kW (engine)


97$ and 29.603 in commercial
CIVIC Hybrid

Motor gasoline engine


69kW (engine) +15 kW (motor)


2,25$ to 9,000 in the 10,000 in the market
RX-8 Hydrogen RE


hydrogen / gasoline engine

80kW (hydrogen) / 154kW (gasoline)

100km (hydrogen) +549 km (gasoline)

415.000$ per month lease


Mitsubishi Motors

Electric motor

47kW (motor)

100V/15A about 14 hours


into the market after 2009


electric motor

40kW (motor)

8 hours in 100V/15A


Stella concept of development migrate to the plug-in

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